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Temporary Traffic Control

This course instructs on primary tasks such as guiding traffic safely through work areas, channeling, equipment positioning and protecting other workers. The rules of conduct, description of barricading equipment and the hazard identification of various work zones and traffic situations that require special flagging considerations are discussed. Participants will receive a copy of the Manual For Uniform Traffic

Control Devices.

Forklift Operator Training

Operators will be instructed on how to conduct pre-work inspections, steering, load handling techniques, how to work around pedestrians, hazardous floor surfaces, emergency stopping and forklift securing. The course is specific to the make and model of equipment used at your facility; a variety of forklift equipment, from electric and LP gas-powered units to all- terrain forklifts, order pickers and pallet trucks can be included. Operator skills will be evaluated to meet the regulatory training requirements. Recommendation: 8 hours training for new operators; 4 hours training for refresher classes and experienced operators.

Respiratory Protection Training

This course covers identification of the hazards, which hazards call for respirator usage, overview of the proper types of respirators for particular purposes, and instruction in the operating principles, construction and limitations of each type of

respirator. Workplace Safety Specialists also includes hands-on training in checking for adequacy of fit, practice in adjustment and positive/negative pressure testing.

Trenching and Excavation Safety

This course addresses the regulatory excavation standard through the eyes of the “Competent Person.” Participants will be instructed on field applications that help minimize the risks of employee injuries, accidents and equipment failures on the worksite. Hands-on training and field exercises may be used to demonstrate how to conduct a trench inspection, soil classification or installation and use of protective systems such as shields and shoring.

Confined Space Hazard Awareness

This course is designed as an overview for permit-required confined spaces. Topics include confined space hazards, testing and controls, entry permits and OSHA requirements for entry into a permit-required confined space. Roles and responsibilities of the Authorized Entrant, Attendant and Entry Supervisor are discussed and evaluated based on site-specific needs.

Backhoe and Front-End Loader

These general industry safety training courses were developed by the U.S. Department of Labor to provide industry workers, supervisors and other personnel responsible for industry activities with an awareness of specific safety and health concerns in general industry.

Crane and Rigging

This course discusses how to avoid the hazards of these powerful machines. Topics include types of cranes, proper maintenance, cleaning, pre-use inspection, operational checklist, hand signals for controlling cranes, awareness of abnormal function and load handling. Employees will be instructed on the proper work practices involving rigging of specific items used at their workplace. Hands on training and availability of crane and rigging equipment is recommended.

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift

This course provides participants with the required regulatory training on boom supported, scissor and articulating aerial lift type devices. Employee behavior, equipment safety devices and manufacturer requirements for safe operation are addressed to train operators in the proper application of personnel lift systems and aerial devices. Material in this course is applicable to boom, scissor or articulating lifts and presentation will be customized to specific equipment available at client‟s location

Electrical Safety

This class is for all employees who work with voltages less than 600V and provides basic electrical safety training in the OSHA mandated Electrical Safety Subpart S, NFPA 70E & Arc Flash awareness. Topics include the importance of electrical potential, grounding techniques, and a look at GFCI‟s and AFCI‟s. This class consists of both lecture and hands on work.

CPR/AED Trainings & Refreshers

Workplace Safety Specialists is an American Heart Association national training center and our courses meet regulatory standards for workplace emergency response by employees. Our hands-on CPR and first aid training courses are designed to help prepare employees in the proper administration of first aid until more advanced help can be obtained.

Confined Space Trainings

This course is designed to meet the regulatory training requirements on permit-required confined spaces. Topics discussed during training are hazard identification, gas meters and atmospheric testing, permits and permitting procedures, fall protection systems and practical application of safety into work practices involving entry into confined spaces

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